Why Choose FLEET TRAX?

Why is FLEET TRAX the right choice for your fleet tracking needs.

The majority of fleet management companies are based overseas. Even the ones located in Australia are over the Tasman sea. FLEET TRAX is the first fleet management company that is Tasmanian owned and operated.

Our product is fast, reliable and durable. The hardware will be professionally fitted into your vehicles by an experienced auto electrician. There is no need to install any software as the platform is entirely online. All that is needed is a computer and an internet connection. The platform is easy to navigate and the controls are very intuitive. In less than an hour you will be comfortable navigating the FLEET TRAX platform. And of course, if you have any questions our helpful and friendly staff are just a phone call away.

Our prices are very competitive. Most fleet management system providers charge you for the GPS tracking unit ($300-$700), an installation fee ($150+) and then a monthly fee on top of that! At FLEET TRAX there is no initial outlay. We provide the tracking units and install them into your vehicles. There are no hidden costs, just a low monthly fee per unit. Clean and easy.

Call us today on 0487 710 259 to discuss how we can make the FLEET TRAX system work for you.