Affordable GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems in Hobart And Beyond

Many companies will charge you a fortune for supply and installation, along with a high recurring fee for using their fleet tracking systems.

We offer state of the art GPS vehicle tracking systems in Tasmania. Our fleet management systems help businesses:

    • Save on fuel – Effectively manage the routes your drivers take
    • Increase output – Keep your drivers accountable by monitoring their progress
    • Speed up response times – Find the nearest vehicle available for a new task
    • Keep records – Look back on travel history and logs if any accusations are made against your employees
    • Lower your insurance premiums – Some insurance companies offer reduced prices for vehicles equipped with a GPS tracking device
    • Minimise paperwork – Reports can be created automatically to streamline processes including log books, time sheets and more

No matter which GPS vehicle tracking device you choose from our range, you can be confident that you will have a fast and reliable fleet management system at your fingertips. Manage your assets with accurate vehicle GPS tracking in Hobart and across Tasmania and experience the benefits to your business. With a range of options for cars and trucks, at Fleet Trax we have you covered!

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Excellent customer service with ongoing support

While we strive to provide high quality products, we also strive to give you the best possible customer experience.

From the moment you say hello through to on-site training and beyond, our team will put your needs first and offer expert advice on how to utilise our products to your advantage. Once you begin using our tracking systems, we remain available to provide any necessary support.

FLEET TRAX is 100% Tasmanian owned and operated. We are dedicated to improving the efficiency and productivity of Tasmanian businesses by providing tailor made fleet management solutions. Our aim is to build long lasting relationships with our customers by providing a first class, user friendly vehicle tracking system backed up by excellent customer service and support. From installation and account creation to initial on-site training, FLEET TRAX is with you every step of the way. Get in touch with us today to find out how a fleet tracking device can benefit your company in Tasmania.