Why Use A Fleet Management System?

Let us help you to understand the benefits of a fleet management system

In short, a good fleet management system can save you big money. It can:

  • Reduce fuel and vehicle maintenance costs – A monitored driver is less likely to speed and abuse their work vehicle.
  • Improve productivity – A monitored driver is less likely to waste time taking detours or to make unscheduled stops.
  • Improve efficiency – Live tracking can help you to locate the closest vehicle to a new job or errand.
  • Protect your employees – Detailed vehicle history reports provide you with the ability to disprove wrongful accusations of employees reckless driving.
  • Reduce insurance costs – Many insurance providers will lower insurance premiums due to a vehicle having a tracker/logger installed.
  • Reduce paperwork – Automated reports can be generated to replace job sheets, log books etc.