If you are in need of a way to track the trailers used for your business, Fleet Trax provide an easy-to-use, affordable GPS tracking system to suit your needs.


There are a number of benefits to the installation of a tracking system on your trailers.

Keep track of your trailers with the Fleet Trax system and you will enter a whole new realm of efficiency. From the reduction of paperwork, administration and planning, to the increase in productivity and speed of response, trailer tracking will improve your business tenfold.

You are not just able to keep tabs with a trailer tracking system, you will also receive the benefit of detailed reports on routes and output. These reports can easily be set up to generate automatically and collated and delivered immediately. This simplification of paperwork gives you the time to get the more important work done.

With the live-time feature, you are able to direct your vehicles on the most uncongested route saving you time and improving your consistency and efficiency. This will also see your overall business productivity increase and boost your savings.

Fuel efficiency is another great benefit of the trailer tracking system. Save money on your fuel expenses by managing and manipulating your fleet’s movements to cover the least amount of ground. GPS tracking systems are also looked favourably upon by insurance agencies and can often have a positive effect on your premiums, saving your hip pocket there, too!


We take a serious approach to efficiency at Fleet Trax and that is reflected in the usability of our products and the productivity results our system garners. We are 100% Tasmanian owned and run and strive to keep our system personalised to our local clients. We provide the involved service you would expect from a homegrown business and, when you begin a relationship with Fleet Trax, you are guaranteed to be supporting a domestic Australian business.

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